The world’s first interlinked NFT project.

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What are Tiptoez?

Tiptoez are a interlinked collection of 10,000 pixel toe collectibles comprised from a possible 106 attributes.

Interlinked, as every Tiptoe minted in our drop will be linked to 4 other Tiptoe compatriots.

Acquire all 5 linked Tiptoez and receive a super rare Foot.

This is a unique project as value isn't just determined by rarity attributes. Unlike other projects, all NFTs have significant value given they all individually make up an interlinked Big 5 collection.

Tiptoez Montage

Project Details

Drop Structure

We’re splitting the 10,000 NFTs into 4 drops of 2,500. Each drop will contain 500 sets of 5 interlinked Tiptoez. This reduces risk of linked toes not being released into circulation. After Drop 1 the price of each drop will be correlated to on the current floor price.

Artwork and IP Rights

Each Tiptoe is designed in 26x26 pixels and all holders have creative and commercial usage of their Tiptoez whilst they own them.

Ethereum Smart Contract

Built on the ERC-721 Non-Fungible Token Standard, Tiptoez are fully transferable and tradable on our marketplace and on OpenSea.

InterPlanetary File System (IPFS)

The IPFS is a peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data. This means Tiptoez are decentralised and not soley on any one website or server.


Why should I get a Tiptoe?

  1. We've created an additional layer of value with our unique interlinked collection mechanic (The Big 5 Collection).
  2. Collect all 5 linked Tiptoez and receive a rare Foot.
  3. Tiptoez and Foot holders automatically yield $TOEKENs every day.
  4. $TOEKEN is our utility token that can be exchanged on SushiSwap for ETH or used for a range of other utilities such as our play-to-earn Toe Trump game (launching Q3 2022).
  5. You'll gain access to 'Utoepia', Tiptoez HQ in The Sandbox.
  6. We have our own marketplace (that has 0% sale commission) to easily locate linked Tiptoez (in addition to being listed on Opensea).
Top Trump Example 1 Tiptoez
Top Trump Examples Tiptoez

The ‘Big 5’ Collection

This is not your average NFT project.

We’ve approached it with a fresh angle to build a self-sustaining value ecosystem. This has been done by creating an additional metric of value on top of the standardised attribute rarity model.

All Tiptoez minted in our drop will be linked to 4 other unique Tiptoe compatriots. These will be randomly scattered throughout the 2,500 drop (there are 4 drops, therefore 10,000 Tiptoez in total). All drops will contain 500 complete 'Big 5' sets of Tiptoez, equating to 2,500. This minimises the risk of linked toez not being released into circulation.

Once a single wallet has managed to acquire all 5 Tiptoez of the same foot, they will be able to claim a super rare Foot (that yields x15 more $TOEKENs per day than Tiptoez).

Even the least rare Tiptoez will still have significant value as it will make up part of a Big 5 collection to access a Foot.

The Big 5 Collection

Utility $TOEKEN


What is a $TOEKEN?

$TOEKENs is our deflationary utility token that sits at the heart of our Tiptoez universe*. All Tiptoez and Foot holders will automatically yield $TOEKENs on a daily basis. No staking required. This means as a Tiptoez holder you are rewarded just for owning a Tiptoe/Foot.

How are we using $TOEKENs to reward the community?

$TOEKENs will be repurchased by us and burnt using 50% of royalty revenue received from secondary sales. Since supply is limited, this deflationary mechanic will add value to all $TOEKENs in circulation.

How many $TOEKENs yield daily?

It depends on whether you have Tiptoez, a Foot or both.

x5 $TOEKENs are yielded per Tiptoe per day.
x75 $TOEKENs are yielded per Foot per day.

Tiptoez and Feetz yield the above for a 4 year period from mint date.

What can I do with my $TOEKENs?

We have some very exciting utilities in the works, however here is a sneak preview into some things we have planned:

  • Buy 'Nail Varnish': Create a new 3D NFT from your 2D Tiptoe.
  • In-game 'Currency': Use your $TOEKENs in our play-to-earn metaverse games in 'Utoepia'.
  • Exchange: We're seeding a SushiSwap pool allowing holders to swap $TOEKENs for ETH.
  • Buy Tiptoez Merchandise: In both real world and metaverse.
  • Governance: $TOEKENs are also used to vote on future decisions within the community.

For more detail into the Toe-kenomics please visit our Whitepaper.

*TOEKEN is a utility token that fuels the Tiptoez ecosystem. It is not an investment and has no economic value.


Nail Varnish

Nail Varnish

As mentioned above, one of the main utilities for our $TOEKEN is to allow holders to purchase ‘Nail Varnish’.

Once purchased, the holder will receive a new hyper-realistic 3D NFT of their 2D Tiptoe.

It will have the exact same attributes as their 2D Tiptoe.
Here is an example of what it will look like:

Nail Varnish 2D
Nail Varnish Conversion
Nail Varnish 3D

Toe Trumps Game

Top Trump Card Fan Tiptoez Top Trump Card Fan Tiptoez

Toe Trumps will be our first game to be released in 'Utoepia' (Tiptoez HQ in The Sandbox).
This game will allow players to be able to stake and win $TOEKENs.

The game is a head-to-head battle duel based on the well known card game ‘Top Trumps’ (disclaimer: not affiliated with the Top Trumps game).

How to play?

Every NFT will have a set of unique skillset ratings added to their metadata influenced from attributes of their Tiptoez. E.g, if they don’t have any headwear attribute, they’ll have a higher 'grip' rating.
There will be 6 skillsets all with a rating ranging from 1-100. When you battle another player, a skillset will be selected at random. Both players will then be judgded against their ratings for that chosen skillset. Whichever has the highest rating for the skillset will win the battle and their opponents $TOEKENs staked.

All NFTs will have at least one high skillset rating so there is always a chance in beating your opponent depending on the skillset that is selected to battled with.

What is the prize for each battle?

Players will stake $TOEKENs in every battle and therefore the prize will also be $TOEKENs.



Our roadmap below is split into our 4 mint drops (2,500 per drop):


#1-2500 Tiptoez available to mint.
Presale Whitelist - 20th February 2022 - 17:00 EST
Public Sale - 21st February 2022 - 17:00 EST

Once Drop 1 has concluded we'll:
- Seed the $TOEKEN SushiSwap Pool with 5ETH.
- Give away 0.5ETH to 5 Tiptoez holders.
- Add 5 ETH to our community wallet (floor sweeps etc).
- Allocate 10ETH to a new marketing campaign.
- Start using 50% of secondary sale royalties to buy back and burn $TOEKENS.


#2501-5000 Tiptoez available to mint.
Presale Whitelist - 8th April 2022
Public Sale - 8th April 2022

Once Drop 2 has concluded we'll:
- Raffle 10 Tiptoez to holders.
- Give away 0.5ETH to 5 Tiptoe holders.
- Add an additional 5ETH to the community wallet.
- Purchase a plot of land in The Sandbox for Tiptoez HQ - 'Utoepia'.


#5001-7500 Tiptoez available to mint.
Presale Whitelist - TBC
Public Sale - TBC

Once Drop 3 has concluded we'll:
- Invest 10ETH into a Tiptoe holders NFT project.
- Start building 'Utoepia' in The Sandbox.
- Give away 0.5ETH to 5 Tiptoez holders.
- Launch the Tiptoez merchandise store.


#7501-10000 Tiptoez available to mint.
Presale Whitelist - TBC
Public Sale - TBC

Once Drop 4 has concluded we'll:
- Raffle off a Tesla 3 (worth approx. $46,000) or equivalent in ETH.
- Launch our 'Nail Varnish' utility (Creating a new 3D NFT from your 2D Tiptoez).
- Top up the marketing budget with 10ETH.
- Begin development on our Toe Trumps Game.


The Team

  • Tiptoe Olly

    Founder + Designer

  • Tiptoe John

    NFT Architect + Dev

  • Tiptoe Jack

    Smart Contract Lead

  • Tiptoe James


  • Tiptoe Nick


  • Tiptoe Philip

    Community Manager

  • Tiptoe Nut

    Community Mod

  • Tiptoe Morland

    Community Mod

  • Tiptoe Chris

    Community Mod